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6.(The Sky That Lights Upon Us(2021)

Size: Various sizes

Material: The wood was collected from demolition sites and timber dealers' yards,
unwanted and lying around Tāmaki Makaurau. The other material, Kanazawa gold leaves, are from overseas, contain 94.4% gold (24k), and are exceptionally fine at 1/10,000mm thickness (0.1 µm).

Gold does not rust. Since it is the most stable metal, it has the effect of repelling evil spirits. It also has the effect of recovering, taking on the challenge again, and preventing us from breaking again. It has a healing attribute that has been used since ancient times as if the light of the gold illuminates the earth from the sky.

The black paint on the timber, diluted Shibuzumi is usually used for preventing borer, rain and humidity damage on the exterior of wooden architecture. It is a mix of natural ingredients including sour persimmons, Sake and ashes and contains no artificial chemicals. Each type of timber absorbs Shibuzumi differently, as they are individually unique like we are.

In recent years, we seem to have had more time to look up at the sky and pray for our ancestors, families, and friends. Our life simultaneously has been forced to change on a global scale because of unknown viruses, racial movements, and global warming, which is only accelerating. In 2021, it should not sound like an exaggeration to declare it a humanitarian climate emergency. The simple binary opposition of "environment or economy" prevails; such
conversations are typically conveyed through old-fashioned language and ideas.

6. (The Sky That Lights Upon Us) represents a mirror-like existence of our hearts. We pray and breathe together. Even if our physical appearance looks different, our minds can gradually overlap. Perhaps, the time we look up at the sky will be extended more. 6. (The Sky That Lights Upon Us) can become our home where we let our hearts rest.


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