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SUBLIME (2018) - Collaboration with Waikohu Ranginui

It is Ranginui’s obsession with fine line that seeks to challenge the unending branch of mathematics and relations of points, lines, dimensions, surfaces, geometric shapes and negative space. Ranginui fulfils this obsession with the drawing of fine lines without knowing where to end as if it is a work of labour. Sublime also represents a minimalist approach in similar languages to the other medium Ranginui has produced in the past. 

Sublime is partially inspired by Richard Tuttle’s drawings that have a vital force in the development of conceptualism and post-minimalism, and his extensive design and carefully considered execution of small and subtle scale of line. Ranginui continues to develop her drawing practice. 

TSU has been challenged to create, from a clean slate, a photographic work based on Ranginui’s concept. 
Ranginui has an ongoing interest in Buddhist and Taoist (also known as Daoism) views - religious or philosophical traditions of Chinese origin that have views of life and phenomena - particularly the concept of ‘the present as a gift’. Sublime could be read as an aspect of the universal - explored in these teachings so that the artist can maintain a neutral outlook on things.  

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