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The Jaguar and the Moon (2021)

Material: Found tree bark at Te Waipuna a Rangiātea and Kanazawa gold leaf

On a crystal-clear night in Tāmaki Makaurau, Kanazawa gold leaf was laid down on a tree bark with the superpower of the red in the sky above Aotearoa on the 26th of May, 2021.

Total lunar eclipse is considered soul death and rebirth. The ancient Incas believed that once a jaguar finished eating the Moon, it came back to the Earth and devoured them all.

The tree bark was collected from Te Waipuna a Rangiātea that became an industrial waste and trash place, and exuded pollution during the 1870s through 1923. It portrays Mother Nature in the jaguar way, and the Kanazawa gold leaf represents the Moon light and all life forms on Earth.

‘The Jaguar and the Moon’ symbolises the soul rebirth of Te Waipuna a Rangiatea and aims to live in harmony with nature and other lives instead of overcoming it.


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