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Waterball (2019)

Tāmaki estuary water, resins 110 x 110 x 70 mm 

Estuaries are nursery systems for any number of natural habitats. Tāmaki Estuary, the third largest water body in New Zealand, has suffered significant systematic contamination from heavy metals because of anthropogenic pollutants - dairy farming, urbanisation and industrialisation with subsequent impact on its natural ecosystems. In contrast, New Zealand is promoted internationally as “100% pure” and people applaud our green country with its vast landscapes. 

The resin container holds estuary water harvested from the Panmure basin. The viewer is invited to interact with the work upside down to see the movement of the poisonous effects. The work aims to observe the harmful water closely but safely as if gathering snow for a snowball - running away climate change. 

After the estuary water settles, the black sediment gathers at the bottom and the water at the top “appears” clear. 

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